Predicting the Future of Computing

Have you ever tried to predict the future? Well, as you may know this is a tough one and famous people already tried… and most of them failed. Especially when it comes to computing. Technology is evolving so fast – it is hard to predict.
To give you a impression of what i mean I would like to quote Ken Olson, president/founder of Digital Equipment Corp.

“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” (1977)

Well anyhow, the NY Times had a great idea to predict the future of computing. They let the collective intelligence of their readers decide. On you can make predictions for the future or you can help determinate when a technology was introduced to our world…

What a great idea. It is not only fun to read and watch how the timeline evolves. As a interaction designer i can say, there are so many possible projects laying within that timeline i don´t know where to start…

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